List of Type Test Report

As a leading manufacturer of Power Cables in UAE, and in order to meet the quality and to give what is best to our clients, We make sure that all types of our cables from Low Voltage to High Voltage ranged are being type tested and approved by well known and respective certification bodies such as BSI (UK), British Approval Services for Electric Cables (BASEC- UK), KEMA Netherland, Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology(ESMA UAE), Central Power Research Institute (CPRI-India), IPH (Germany) and BRE Global (UK) and NCI fire resistant cables are LPCB certified.

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Certified By License No. Type of Cables Reference Standards Expiry Date
ESMA 20-11-29571/Q20-11-001035 Medium and low voltage electric cables and wires BS EN 50525-2-31, BS EN 50525-3-41, IEC 60331-21, BS EN 50525-2-11, IEC 60502-1, BS 5467, BS 5467:2016; IEC 60502-1, BS6724:2016, BS 6724, BS 8491, BS 7846,BS EN 50200, IEC 60502-2:2014 25/11/2023
BASEC 172/001/023 Single core Non- sheathed cables with thermoplastic PVC insulation  BS EN 50525-2-31:2011 04/01/2022
BASEC 172/001/024 Single core Non- sheathed cables with LSHF cross linked insulation  BS EN 50525-3-41:2011 04/01/2022
BASEC 172/001/025 Armoured power cables with LSHF sheathing BS 6724:2016 Incorporating corrigenda Nos. 1 & 2 04/01/2022
BASEC 172/001/026 Armoured power cables with PVC sheathing BS 5467:2016 Incorporating corringendum No. 1 04/01/2022

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